Are You Familiar with These Expanding Indiana Businesses?

Due to their Right to Work policies, the state of Indiana is always welcoming new businesses and encouraging expansion. In fact, there are three businesses that are planning expansions, and one that is adding new headquarters here. These are Alliance RV, Affinity, and BASE Design-Build Group, as well as Networks Connect.

Alliance RV will be expanding in Elkhart and also creating 650 new jobs! Meanwhile, BASE Design-Build Group and Networks Connect are both expanding in Indianapolis. BASE will also create over 100 new jobs and Networks Connect plans to create around 50 new jobs. Lastly, Affinity will be adding a new headquarters in Jeffersonville, which will create 160 new jobs.

Altogether, these four great businesses will create 960 new jobs all across the state. So this is exciting news! Read on to find out what people are saying about each investment!

Alliance RV:

“Home to more than 80% of North America’s RV production, Indiana continues to grow its reputation as the RV Capital of the World thanks to companies like Alliance RV. […] Alliance RV has achieved phenomenal success ever since they opened their doors here in 2019, and we look forward to supporting them as they continue providing quality careers for Hoosiers.”



“Indiana’s business-friendly environment, skilled talent pipeline and strong manufacturing sector offer companies like Affinity the perfect location to establish and grow their footprint. […] We’re extremely grateful that with 49 other states to choose from, Affinity picked Indiana to establish its new home and create quality career opportunities for Hoosiers for years to come.”


BASE Design-Build Group:

“Indiana is laser-focused on providing a business-friendly environment to support the growth of companies like BASE. […] We look forward to supporting the company as they continue to grow in central Indiana, enhancing its manufacturing operations and creating more quality career opportunities for Hoosiers.”


Networks Connect:

“Indiana is ranked first in the Midwest for entrepreneurial friendliness, and it’s exciting to see startups like Networks Connect choose to stay and grow here. […] Not only is Networks Connect’s growth creating quality jobs for Hoosiers, but it’s also working to connect more of Indiana’s skilled-and-ready talent to a variety of businesses across the state.” […]

“We’re excited to welcome dozens of new jobs from Networks Connect LLC to Indianapolis.”


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