Businesses are Flocking to Right to Work North Carolina

Companies are choosing to locating to North Carolina as a result of its Right to Work policies. Companies investing soon in North Carolina include D’Artagnan, Hans Kissle Company, and COSMOIND. So this is exciting economic news! Read on in order to learn more about each investment!


D’Artagnan is investing $4 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Oxford, North Carolina. This will also create 23 new jobs.

“Our whole team is excited about developing our sales in this beautiful region! […] We have closely followed the food scene in the Carolinas and are very happy to be able to contribute to it!” […]

“We are glad to welcome D’Artagnan to Granville County and North Carolina. […] Our East Coast location and capable workforce will greatly benefit the company’s operations and growth here in the Southeast.”


Hans Kissle Company:

Hans Kissle Company is investing $42.2 million toward a new location in Right to Work Gaston County, North Carolina. This will also create 219 new jobs!

“We are excited to be able to expand production to meet the growing demand for our premium products from consumers and retail partners in the Southeast. […] Gastonia is a thriving community with a talented workforce, and we are proud to put down roots and call it home for our new facility. We look forward to bringing great jobs to the community and being a positive contributor in many ways.” […]

“It’s no secret that North Carolina is the special ingredient for growing food companies. […] With the largest manufacturing workforce in the Southeast and the third largest state in the nation for food and beverage processing, Hans Kissle’s decision is a strong signal to other food companies that North Carolina is a great place to do business.”



COSMOIND is investing $12.8 million in order to locate to Right to Work Middlesex, North Carolina, creating 168 new jobs!

“It is positive news that North Carolina continues to be the top choice for international companies that want to expand in the United States. […] Companies like COSMOIND could go anywhere in the world, but they are choosing Nash County and our state for our convenient location, transportation infrastructure, and skilled workforce.” […]

“North Carolina will continue to grow its foreign direct investment if we can deliver well-trained talent. […] Our stable manufacturing economy combined with a keen focus on creative education and training programs, are critical for the future success of global manufacturers such as COSMOIND.”


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