Businesses are Investing in Right to Work North Carolina

Businesses are investing in Right to Work North Carolina, and it’s no surprise as to why. After all, Right to Work states simply have more benefits to offer businesses. That means businesses can then create new job opportunities for others. Companies that are investing in the state include The Crump Group and Nature’s Value, as well as Amgen. Altogether, they will create around 400 new jobs for the state. So this is some exciting news!

Read on to learn more about each of these investments.

The Crump Group:

The Crump Group is adding its first US location in Right to Work Nash County, North Carolina. This will be covered by a $13.2 million investment that will also create 160 new jobs!

“We’re thrilled with the opportunity to make North Carolina our home in the USA”. […] “When considering options as to where to locate, it was an easy decision thanks to the state’s proactive approach in attracting new business.” […]

“Rural North Carolina offers manufacturing companies many advantages as a business location. […] The Crump Group is the latest international company to tap our diverse workforce, strong transportation networks, and strategic, east coast location to gain traction in the U.S. market.” […]

“It’s exciting to see an international company select rural eastern North Carolina for a major expansion of their business. […] Our skilled workforce and strategic location will help The Crump Group see even more success as they grow.”


Nature’s Value:

Nature’s Value is expanding in Right to Work Winston-Salem, North Carolina with a $19 million investment. This will also create 183 new jobs!

“This expansion project will help us to be more competitive and allow us to be more accessible to our main customers, while creating employment and economic prospects for the talented North Carolina working community. […] We look forward to the opportunities that this expansion project will bring.” […]

“More and more manufacturers are making a home in North Carolina. […] Forsyth County’s rich manufacturing legacy combined with the state’s affordable cost of living and strong transportation infrastructure, will continue to provide a stable foundation where growing manufacturers can thrive.” […]

“We are [glad] to see Nature’s Value expand their presence in North Carolina and look forward to their future success. […] Companies like Nature’s Value are attracted to our resilient economy which is supported by our strong manufacturing and life sciences industries that benefit from North Carolina’s world-class workforce and the diverse talent of our research universities.”



Amgen Inc is investing $550 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Holly Springs, North Carolina. This will also create 355 new jobs!

“Amgen is investing in a technologically-advanced drug substance plant in North Carolina to support the expected increase in demand for our medicines. Together with the previously announced advanced packaging plant in Ohio, we have committed to investing nearly $1 billion in new manufacturing capacity in the United States.” […]

“World-class companies like Amgen are very selective when they evaluate business locations. They only choose places that provide the best support for their operations. […] Today’s decision proves once again that North Carolina remains a premier location for the most innovative biotech companies in the industry.”


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