Businesses are Relocating to Right to Work North Carolina

Businesses are relocating to Right to North Carolina, and it’s no surprise as to why. After all, the state provides great economic benefits as a result of its Right to Work laws. Two of the most recent business relocations are coming from Hosokawa Custom Processing and MEEL Corp. Meanwhile, Jaguar Gene Therapy is also adding a new location. So this is all really great news for the economy!

Read on so you can learn more about each investment.

Hosokawa Custom Processing:

Hosokawa Custom Processing Services is investing $6.5 million in order to relocate to Right to Work Goldsboro, North Carolina. This will also create 16 new jobs!

“After exploring several opportunities in other states, the site in Goldsboro North Carolina offered the best location and building for our expansion needs. We hope to be operational by the fall of 2022 and look forward to operating out of our new business location in Goldsboro.” […]

“We are pleased to welcome Hosokawa to our state. […] This decision to relocate to Eastern North Carolina underscores the strength of our business location, premier quality of life and most importantly, our talented workforce in every region of the state.”


MEEL Corp:

MEEL Corp is relocating soon in Right to Work Oxford, North Carolina with a $5.7 million investment. This will also create 24 new jobs!

“We’re beyond excited about our move to North Carolina. With the supply chain plagues and labor issues that surfaced after COVID, North Carolina represents an ideal geographical location for us, bringing us closer to our national customers and their delivery points. […] Our company name – MEEL is an assembly of the first letters of our family members. We’re happy to bring our family business to North Carolina, where we will hire new employees and expand our family!” […]

“We are glad to welcome Meel Corp to North Carolina. […] Our state has the best business climate, the hardest working employees, the agricultural legacy, the central east coast location and the great quality of life that will make this company successful here.”


Jaguar Gene Therapy:

Jaguar Gene Therapy is investing $125 million toward a new location in Right to Work Durham County, North Carolina. This will also create 200 new jobs.

“Our new GMP facility represents a major step forward for Jaguar in our mission to accelerate gene therapy breakthroughs in patient populations with large unmet need. […] North Carolina is known for its innovation in biotechnology and its highly talented workforce, both of which are crucial as we strive to raise the bar for manufacturing safe and effective gene therapies.” […]

“North Carolina is a top choice for growing biotech companies. [The state] has world-renowned researchers, Tier 1 universities and strategic partnerships to maintain our thriving life sciences ecosystem. With our First in Talent plan, workforce training will continue to develop the diverse and highly-skilled talent for the life changing work that companies like Jaguar will create both now and in the future.”


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