Companies Grow and Invest in Right to Work Louisiana

Louisiana Pepper Exchange and Mitsubishi Chemical are both expanding in Louisiana. Louisiana Pepper Exchange (LPE) will be partnering with Jefferson Capital Partners in the New Orleans area, which will allow them to grow and positively impact the economy. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Chemical plans to add a new location in Geismar.

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Louisiana Pepper Exchange (LPE):

“We are thrilled to partner with Chris White and the LPE team. […]LPE also embodies much of what makes New Orleans such a compelling market[. I]ts proximity to the port of New Orleans and access to the Public Belt provid[e] a durable competitive advantage.”

“This investment represents continued faith in Greater New Orleans as a food manufacturing hub[…]”

“Louisiana Pepper Exchange ’s commitment [will] bring high visibility to an industry that already provides a nearly $800 million impact[…]”


Mitsubishi Chemical:

“Geismar is one of the most advanced chemical manufacturing communities in the world. […] As we continue to enhance our world-class infrastructure in Louisiana, we are attracting world-scale production facilities like the one proposed by Mitsubishi Chemical. We look forward to working with MCC to attract this permanent investment and the accompanying quality jobs to our state.” […]

“The Capital Region, and particularly Ascension Parish, continue to be a magnet for petrochemical investment. […] The economic impact of a more than $1 billion direct capital investment and the creation of 125 jobs cannot be overstated.”


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