Companies to Call Right to Work North Carolina Home

North Carolina is attracting new businesses as a result of its Right to Work laws. Some of the most recent companies that have announced new facilities here include SteriTek and SunTree, as well as BIOPHIL and Sunlight Batteries. Each companies will create new job opportunities in their respective areas, helping lift the economy. Read on so you can learn more about each one!


SteriTek is investing $59.9 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Burlington, North Carolina, creating 50 new jobs.

“SteriTek is excited to offer contract sterilization services to the medical device and pharma communities in the state of North Carolina.” […]

“SteriTek’s new facility in Alamance County is a great addition to our already thriving biotechnology and life sciences industry. […] Companies value our central location, skilled talent, and thriving life science ecosystem as they execute their strategies here in North Carolina.” […]

“North Carolina’s flourishing life sciences cluster is strengthened by SteriTek’s decision to establish its East Coast facility in Alamance County. […] Our biotechnology and pharmaceutical supply chain combined with our talent-focused economic development plan provide companies like SteriTek with the right formula for success.”



SunTree is investing $10.1 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Goldsboro, North Carolina, creating 94 new jobs.

“SunTree Snacks has made a great decision to establish an East Coast headquarters in Wayne County. […] Our quality of life, affordability, and manufacturing workforce continues to attract businesses from across the globe.” […]

“North Carolina’s $90 billion agricultural economy is deeply rooted in our bountiful food processing industry and access to more than 170 million customers. […] When companies are ready to expand, they want to operate in places where they are centrally located and have access to a pipeline of skilled talent.”


BIOPHIL Natural Fibers:

BIOPHIL Natural Fibers is investing $10.9 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Lumberton, North Carolina, creating 41 new jobs.

“BIOPHIL is joining North Carolina’s large supply chain for textiles and nonwoven manufacturing. […] Together, our unique research partnerships and networks help support North Carolina in achieving top rankings for businesses across all industries.”


Sunlight Batteries:

Sunlight Batteries is investing $40 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Mebane, North Carolina, creating 130 new jobs.

“Sunlight’s expansion in Mebane is yet another milestone in our growth plan for the U.S. market. […] The 134,000-square-feet facility will create over 130 new jobs in Alamance County.” […]

“Demand is growing for clean energy components like batteries, and North Carolina is at the forefront of this industry of the future. […] Companies like Sunlight Batteries are bringing new jobs and new investment to Alamance County, thanks to North Carolina’s commitment to clean energy and innovation.” […]

“The clean energy economy offers great opportunities for all North Carolinians. […] Our First in Talent strategic plan recognizes the importance of training our workers for these 21st Century jobs. Companies like Sunlight Batteries know they can depend on the strength and ingenuity of the North Carolina workforce.”


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