Many Major Right to Work Kentucky Business Investments!

Kentucky is seeing lots of economic development right now, likely as a result of its Right to Work benefits. Some of the most recent Right to Work Kentucky investments are coming from Elevate Windows and Floors and River View Coal, as well as companies like Ford Motor Co and Jim Beam Suntory. Some of these businesses are expanding currently Kentucky locations. Meanwhile, others are adding new locations. Altogether, they will create a total of 814 new jobs. So this is exciting news!

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Elevate Windows and Doors:

Elevate Windows and Doors is investing $16 million in order to add a new location and create 203 new jobs in Right to Work Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

“Elevate, a leading window and door manufacturer of contemporary, energy efficient vinyl windows and doors for residential new construction and replacement applications, is soon heading to Hopkinsville.” […]

“I want to welcome Elevate to Christian County and the commonwealth, and the more than 200 quality jobs the company will create with this investment. […] This is the latest company to recognize the value in locating in Kentucky and the many strengths we offer to ensure their business thrives well into the future. Elevate will be a great addition to our manufacturing sector, which continues to diversify and grow.” […]

“With Elevate Windows, our region has exceeded expectations. We are excited to work with the company as they execute their plans and enjoy success for generations to come. We’re also excited to help company leadership make a positive impact as they’ve pledged to be strong corporate citizens in our award-winning region!”


River View Coal:

River View Coal is investing $35 million in order to add its second Right to Work Kentucky location in Henderson County, Kentucky. This will also create 260 new jobs!

“River View is excited to expand into Henderson County. […] We’re appreciative of their efforts, and the laws they’ve passed, that make expansion opportunities like this one more likely to happen. River View looks forward to what this project means for our miners and Henderson County.” […]

“It is great to see continued job creation in Northwest Kentucky. […] We are pleased to welcome River View to Henderson County as this significant investment and job creation breathes new life into an industry that has always been important to our economy.” […]

“We are so excited to welcome River View to Henderson County. This investment and job creation has an annual impact to our community of nearly $300 million. […] The partnership between River View and Henderson is strong and we know it will continue to grow even stronger. Thank you, River View, for your investment in Henderson County.”


Ford Motor Co:

Ford Motor Co is investing $700 million in order to expand and create 500 new jobs for those in Right to Work Louisville, Kentucky!

“The partnership between Kentucky and Ford goes back more than a century and is only becoming stronger. […] Today’s announcement is one of the largest investments ever in Jefferson County and will create hundreds of great jobs, including building the 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty truck. Together with last year’s record-shattering electric vehicle battery plant announcement, Ford is building its future here in the commonwealth. We couldn’t be more proud and look forward to many more decades of success for this iconic American company here in Kentucky.” […]

“Advanced manufacturing continues to drive significant economic growth in Louisville. […] Built upon a rich manufacturing history, Louisville has developed a strong foundation of support that allows us to meet manufacturers’ workforce and growth needs and has led manufacturing companies to invest more than $5.2 billion in our city and create more than 10,000 new jobs since 2014. We are excited to add today’s announcement to those growing numbers. Thank you to Ford for remaining committed to Louisville for nearly 110 years and continuing to invest in and grow its local operations and workforce.”


Beam Suntory:

Beam Suntory is investing $400 million in order to expand in Right to Work Boston, Kentucky. This will also create 51 new jobs!

“This expansion will help ensure we meet future demand for our iconic bourbon in a sustainable way that supports the environment and the local community that has helped build and support Jim Beam.” […]

“As consumers around the world continue to discover bourbon, we want Jim Beam and our commitment to sustainability to be part of that discovery. […] I’m so proud to be honoring our legacy as the First Family of Bourbon by leveraging this renewable energy to support our brand’s trajectory for the next 225 years.” […]

“I want to once again thank the leadership at Beam Suntory for this commitment to grow the Booker Noe Distillery in Nelson County. […] The dozens of jobs this project is creating will benefit so many families in Central Kentucky, and the company’s continued growth reflects the strength of our state’s signature bourbon industry. Congratulations to everyone involved with this significant investment. I could not be more excited to see what’s next for Jim Beam Brands in Kentucky.”


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