Red Bull Uses Wings to Fly to Right to Work North Carolina!

Red Bull, as well as its partner, Rauch, are adding a new facility together in Right to Work Concord, North Carolina! In fact, they plan to invest $740 million toward the state to make this possible. And, it’s also been estimated that the new facility will grow the state’s economy by $1.7 billion in just over a decade. Now that’s news worth celebrating! But it gets even better than that.

This new production facility will also house 400 new jobs! So this will be a great economic addition for the area. Check out what others are saying about this new investment!

From the Washington Examiner:

“Global manufacturers need a world-class workforce to support their expansion plans,” [North Carolina Gov. Roy] Cooper said. “In North Carolina, Red Bull and Rauch have chosen the largest manufacturing workforce in the Southeast and a resilient business climate with an excellent transportation infrastructure to support their long-term growth.” […]

“What an outstanding announcement for our county and our region,” said Sen. Paul Newton, a Republican who represents the district. “The decision by these innovative companies to choose Cabarrus County creates game-changing employment opportunities for our citizens.”

The Washington Examiner

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