Right to Work Alabama Sees New Company Facilities

Businesses are choosing to invest in Right to Work Alabama over other states, and we have two great examples right here. The latest Right to Work Alabama investments are coming from Beyond Gravity and Hyundai Mobis. Read on so you can find out more about what these will mean for the economy!

Beyond Gravity:

Beyond Gravity is planning to add a new facility soon in Right to Work Decatur, Alabama, where they will also create 200 new jobs!

“We have a long history of a strong partnership with Beyond Gravity and look forward to continuing the great work as we increase our launch rate for our Vulcan launch vehicle.” […]

“Alabama has long been a major player in designing and manufacturing the most innovative, complex solutions to conquer skies and space, and we are continuing to influence the direction of the global industry today. […] Companies around the world know our workforce has proven itself, time and time again, and that’s why they keep turning to Alabama to help solve the industry’s biggest challenges through groundbreaking work.”


Hyundai Mobis:

Hyundai Mobis is investing $205 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Montgomery, Alabama and create 400 new jobs!

“As the EV market continues to grow, having a strong production capacity will be key in allowing Hyundai Mobis to see continued growth in the market. […] We believe this new facility in Montgomery will be an important step in that process, and we are excited for the project to be under way.” […]

“Hyundai Mobis’ investment project in Montgomery reflects an acceleration in the development of the EV supply chain in Alabama’s auto industry. […] We’re going to be a major production player in the EV market, and that’s going to trigger more growth within the sector.” […]


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