Right to Work Arizona’s Latest Economic Investments

Arizona’s economy fares better than other states due to the benefits that being a Right to Work state provides. As a result, companies choose to invest here, which creates new jobs and increases the state’s economic standing. Companies investing in Right to Work Arizona include Optimal Health Systems, as well as Ecobat and HyRel Technologies. Read on in order to learn more about how these businesses will have a positive impact on the economy.

Optimal Health Systems:

Optimal Health Systems is expanding soon in Right to Work Pima, Arizona. As a result, this will create 20 new jobs for the area.

“Optimal Health Systems has been serving and training doctors and providing whole food supplements to them and the public since 1997. […] Our recently-expanded formulation, production and marketing facility will create more jobs in rural Arizona, while contributing to the community. We are grateful for the support of the Town of Pima, the Arizona Commerce Authority, the local community and businesses as we continue growing in Pima.” […]

“Optimal Health represents a significant win for Graham County and rural Arizona. […] Optimal’s expanded supplement production facility will diversify Arizona’s manufacturing industry while bringing skilled jobs and additional economic growth to the Town of Pima. We’re incredibly grateful to Douglas D. Grant and the entire team at Optimal Health for their commitment to Arizona.”



Ecobat is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Casa Grande, Arizona. As a result, this will create 60 new jobs for the area.

“We are thrilled to grow our global lithium-ion battery recycling footprint with a new facility in Casa Grande, Arizona. […] This facility, like our lithium-ion battery recycling facilities in Germany and the United Kingdom, represents a significant milestone in Ecobat’s strategy to grow our lithium-ion battery recycling business to a scale, similar to our world-leading lead battery recycling business.” […]

“With the addition of yet another global battery innovator, Arizona has become a central hub of energy storage and recycling technologies. […] With this state-of-the-art facility, Ecobat Casa Grande will enhance Arizona’s sustainability footprint while expanding our battery industry and creating skilled jobs.”


HyRel Technologies:

HyRel Technologies is investing $15 million in order to establish operations and create 50 new jobs in Right to Work Peoria, Arizona.

“Since my co-founder Scott Baker and I launched HyRel Technologies, it has always been the end goal to move to Arizona, no other state has such a commitment to building a thriving and resilient national semiconductor industry.” […]

“We are proud to welcome HyRel Technologies’ new manufacturing facility to Peoria. […] HyRel’s high-tech facility highlights Arizona’s attractiveness for emerging technologies while diversifying the state’s ever-growing semiconductor industry.”


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