Right to Work Arkansas Has Great Things in Store

Arkansas is a Right to Work state, which means employees cannot be forced to be a member of a union or pay union fees in order to keep their job. Companies tend to prefer this option, which is why Right to Work states such as Arkansas do better economically. Some of the most recent Right to Work Arkansas economic advancements are coming from companies such as Hostess Brands and Arkana Laboratories.

Read on so you can learn more about each investment!

Hostess Brands:

Hostess Brands is investing $400 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Arkadelphia, Arkansas. This will create 150 new jobs!

“As Hostess Brands continues to focus on building a socially responsible, modern, snacking powerhouse, we are excited to reach another milestone in our journey to bring a sustainability-first bakery to the Arkadelphia community. […] Unveiling the Hostess Brands’ sign at this once-idle facility is tangible evidence of our commitment to deliver on our sustainability priorities, while also meeting the growing demand among consumers for our iconic and innovative snacks.” […]

“Clark County is thrilled to have been selected as the site for a new, state of the art bakery to be built by Hostess. […] Our Economic Development team worked hard to show Hostess that we had all the necessary components here for them to be successful. By choosing our site, Hostess is demonstrating their belief that Clark County is a place where businesses can thrive. We are excited to be a part of the growth and future success of such a community minded company.”


Arkana Laboratories:

Arkana Laboratories is investing $30 million in order to expand in Right to Work Little Rock, Arkansas. This will also create 74 new jobs.

“The rapid growth of Arkana Laboratories for the last 20 years has been fueled by successful execution on our mission of improving patient care by advancing our understanding of disease and providing world-class diagnostics. The planned job growth, infrastructure investment, and R&D efforts are all focused on pressing even more into this mission and we anticipate continued steady growth for years to come.” […]

“Arkana Laboratories provides invaluable services for its clients, not to mention the educational opportunities they provide for their employees and the value they add to the research, science, and healthcare economies within Central Arkansas.”

“Arkana Laboratories is a nationwide leader that has captured the attention of the top talent in the healthcare industry. […] Their ability to attract physicians from across the country speaks volumes about the quality of life available in Central Arkansas.”


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