What Do GoTextbooks and PotlatchDeltic Have in Common?

GoTextbooks and PotlatchDeltic are both investing in Right to Work Arkansas! GoTextbooks’ investment will take place in Little Rock. Meanwhile, PotlatchDeltic will be in Columbia County. Read on so you can learn more.


GoTextbooks is upgrading a new warehouse in Right to Work Little Rock, Arkansas. This will create 200 new jobs as a result.

“We are excited about the jobs, revenue and growth opportunities that GoTextbooks will bring to our state. […] We are proud to grow this business in Arkansas. GoTextbooks will be able to serve students across the nation while positively impacting a multitude of local Arkansas people and businesses as well.” […]

“We are delighted by the economic opportunities that GoTextbook’s expansion, and their partnership with Chegg, will offer central Arkansas.” […] GoTextbooks has been a respected member of the Little Rock business community for years, and I’m confident that their business will continue to flourish in the future because of their unchanging commitment to support students first.”

“The best compliment we receive as a community is when a local company is expanding and they choose Little Rock for that expansion. […] The regional workforce and business climate in Central Arkansas will continue to support the growth of GoTextbooks for years to come.”



PotlatchDeltic Corporation is investing $131 million in order to expand in Right to Work Columbia County, Arkansas, creating 55 new jobs!

“The investment in the Waldo lumber mill will further strengthen PotlatchDeltic’s important role in the forest products industry in Arkansas. […] By modernizing and expanding the mill, the company will support the community and position the mill and its team members for success well into the future.”


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