Right to Work Michigan Supports Business Growth

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Three companies are investing soon in Right to Work Michigan. These include Midwest Fastener and Mayville Engineering Company, as well as XL Fleet. Midwest Fastener plans to expand its headquarters in Portage. Meanwhile, Mayville Engineering and XL Fleet are both adding new locations. Mayville Engineering will be in Hazel Park, and XL Fleet will be in Wixom.

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Midwest Fastener:

Midwest Fastener is investing $10.8 million in order to expand headquarters and operations in Right to Work Portage, Michigan. This will create 90 new jobs altogether!

“Midwest sincerely appreciates the support received […] in the creation of up to 90 new jobs in Portage and Decatur. Without this support, MFC could not have achieved these great successes.” […]

“Today’s $10.8 million investment by Midwest Fastener will create jobs and uplift communities in Southwest Michigan. […] This project will help us continue Michigan’s economic jumpstart with 90 good-paying jobs in Portage and Decatur. We will stay laser-focused on expanding economic opportunity for Michiganders across the state by creating jobs, supporting small businesses, and adding vibrancy to downtown areas.”


Mayville Engineering Company:

Mayville Engineering Company is investing around $40 million toward a new location in Right to work Hazel Park, Michigan.

“We are pleased to have finalized our plans for a new facility that significantly expands our manufacturing capacity in Michigan.” […]

“We are [happy] to welcome[ Mayville Engineering Company ]to Hazel Park and believe this agreement is a great example of the type of long-term partnership we are forging with companies that are expanding U.S. based manufacturing and bringing skilled employment opportunities to Michigan.” 


XL Fleet:

XL Fleet just opened a new location in Right to Work Wixom, Michigan with a $1.2 million investment that will also create 49 new jobs!

“This investment by XL Fleet will create nearly 50 good-paying, high-skill jobs and help us continue our economic jumpstart and put Michigan back to work.” […]

“XL Fleet’s new R&D facility will drive new advancements in future mobility and further demonstrate that Michigan is the place where manufacturing and technology converge. […] This project aligns with our strategic focus on growing the mobility and electrification ecosystem in Michigan and fostering high-wage job growth. We’re pleased to work with our local partners to support XL Fleet’s investment.”


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