Right to Work North Carolina Welcomes New Facilities

There are several companies that are adding new locations soon in Right to Work North Carolina. These include Port City Logistics and NVR, as well as Forza X1. Each business will be locating somewhere different within the state, but altogether, they will create 506 new jobs. So this is exciting news! Read on in order to learn more about each individual investment.

Port City Logistics:

Port City Logistics is investing $16 million toward a new facility in Right to Work Wilmington, North Carolina. This will also create 75 new jobs!

“We are excited to partner with Port City Logistics, Inc. to provide current customers and North Carolina businesses an opportunity for greater flexibility and increased capacity. […] The North Carolina State Ports Authority has made significant capital investments to enhance capabilities at the Port of Wilmington. This partnership will increase local cargo volumes, while further enhancing our state’s economy.”



NVR is investing $33.9 million toward a new facility in Right to Work Fayetteville, North Carolina. This will also create 261 new jobs!

“When companies already in North Carolina choose to expand here, it’s a great vote of confidence. […] Our ability to support NVR’s growth demonstrates the reliability of our workforce, access to supply chains, and quality of life as attractive tools to meet the increasing demands of the homebuilding industry.” […]

“Companies like NVR will continue to thrive in places where a world-class workforce and strong partnerships are available to support their business objectives. […] North Carolina not only has a strong manufacturing economy and the largest manufacturing workforce in the Southeast, but it also has a commitment to building a well-prepared workforce with its multi-tiered talent-focused strategic economic development plan.


Forza X1:

Forza X1 is adding a new facility soon in Right to Work Marion, North Carolina. This $10.5 million investment will also create 170 new jobs!

“Forza X1 is thrilled and honored to relocate our cutting-edge manufacturing and product development operation to McDowell County. Our marine electrification mission is significant and timely and will thrive in North Carolina’s outstanding business climate. […] The people of McDowell County and the state have been very supportive and wonderful to work with. We are looking forward to breaking ground on our state of the art manufacturing facility and hiring some outstanding local talent.” […]

“Innovative companies like Forza X1 expect to see innovation from the business locations they select. […] I’m pleased that the innovative workforce strategies in our First in Talent strategic plan are getting results and keeping the state ahead of our competitors.”


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