Right to Work North Carolina’s Businesses on the Rise

Businesses are choosing to invest in Right to Work North Carolina as a result of it’s economic environment. Companies who already call this state home find themselves more ready than ever to expand. Meanwhile, others look to the state to further their opportunities. Businesses adding new locations in Right to Work North Carolina include SO-PAK-CO and Fab-Con. Meanwhile, American Woodmark and Cummins-Meritor are expanding!

Read on so you can find out more about each individual investment.


SO-PAK-CO is investing $85 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Laurinburg, North Carolina. This will also create 440 new jobs!

“With the new Laurinburg facility, in addition to our South Carolina campuses, we will be better able to serve our existing customers while also expanding our capacity to position ourselves for growth. SO-PAK-CO is appreciative of the support we have already received from state and local partners, and look forward to making a positive impact on these economies through this project.” […]

“I’m excited to welcome SO-PAK-CO to North Carolina as the largest economic development announcement by job count for Scotland County in the last two decades. […] When companies commit to expanding in our state, North Carolina also commits to providing the skilled talent to support their growth and our First in Talent plan helps lay the framework for that commitment.”



Fab-Con is investing $5.3 million in order to relocate headquarters to Right to Work Salisbury, North Carolina. This will also create 27 new jobs!

“We are eager to start our manufacturing operations in North Carolina, and we look forward to benefiting from the strong workforce. […] By relocating to North Carolina, Fab-Con will be more competitively positioned to operate at a lower cost.” […]

“Fab-Con is joining the largest textile mill industry in the nation. […] Advanced manufacturers continue to innovate their operations to work faster and increase productivity, and North Carolina has the research institutions and workforce development partnerships to help provide the educated workforce to support that work.”


American Woodmark:

American Woodmark is investing $65 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Hamlet, North Carolina, where they will also create 131 new jobs!

“North Carolina’s rural workforce keeps companies like American Woodmark a step ahead. […] As our First in Talent strategic plan for economic development makes clear, North Carolina will continue to provide our workers with the education and training they need to support manufacturers in our state.”



Cummins-Meritor is investing $17 million in order to expand in Right to Work Fletcher, North Carolina. This will also create 40 new jobs!

“Our employees in Fletcher are critical to making Cummins-Meritor the industry leader in commercial vehicle powertrain system solutions. […] This investment expands our footprint and allows us to attract the key talent we need to continue being the top choice of our global customers.” […]

“Cummins-Meritor has chosen to grow their company right here in Henderson County because they know what a great place this is to do business. […] The company’s reinvestment underscores the advantages of the world class workforce, strong supply network and central location that North Carolina brings for global manufacturers.” […]

“Cummins-Meritor’s growth strategy includes more innovation and automation for its electric vehicle products. […] North Carolina’s strategic economic development plan will complement the company’s smart factory expansion by helping develop the diverse and skilled talent that it needs for its next phase of growth.”


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