Supporting Big Labor’s Forced-Unionism Agenda Doesn’t Pay

This past election, opponents of forced unionism in Virginia sent the union bosses’ handpicked politicians a LOUD and CLEAR message . . .

. . . supporting Big Labor’s forced-unionism agenda doesn’t pay politically.

You see, it’s no secret that forced unionism was one of THE TOP ISSUES in Virginia’s election.

In fact, all three of Virginia’s winning statewide candidates — Governor candidate Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General candidate Ken Cuccinelli — pledged 100% opposition to forced unionism.

Not only that, but Bob McDonnell made opposition to Big Labor’s federal “Card Check” power grab and protection of Virginia’s Right to Work Law central campaign issues on his way to victory.

The losing candidates?

They ran and hid, trying to publicly duck the forced-unionism issue while counting on Big Labor’s electioneering machine to catapult them to victory.

And they paid for it at the polls, as pro-Right to Work candidates whipped them by an average of 15% each.

But with “Card Check” still at the top of the new Democrat Congress’s agenda, did your U.S. Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb also “get the message?”

Well, you can MAKE SURE they do by signing this petition demanding Mark Warner and Jim Webb vote AGAINST the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill at every opportunity.

As you know, should “Card Check” pass, workers would no longer be able to vote for or against union boss “representation” in a secret ballot election.

Instead, the union bosses would dispose of the secret ballot election and intimidate workers one-on-one — or three-on-one — into signing so-called “union authorization cards.”

And, of course, Big Labor has yet another ticking time bomb hidden in the “Card Check” legislation.

If the union bosses can drag out negotiations with an employer past 90 days by making outrageous demands, then Obama Administration bureaucrats will have the power to use this so-called “impasse” as an excuse to write a labor contract and FORCE its terms and conditions of employment upon those workers!

So, you see, Big Labor wants to strip workers not only of the right to a secret ballot but also of the right to vote on their own contracts as well!

And, as I’ve told you before, the union bosses have another trick up their sleeves to make doubly sure they finally “cash in” with the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill.

Word is, several of Big Labor’s closest allies in the U.S. Senate have been working feverishly to craft a so-called “Plan B” version — even acting like they might drop the “Card Check” provision entirely from the bill.

Their goal?

Convince key Senators like Mark Warner and Jim Webb that it’s “politically ok” to support their scheme.

Well, you and I both know this bill is dangerous with or without “Card Check!”

Whatever “final” bill Big Labor’s allies stamp their approval on WILL NOT be some watered-down “compromise” bill that causes no harm to American workers and our fragile economy!

That’s why it’s more important than ever that you let Mark Warner and Jim Webb know that should they support ANY VERSION of the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill, they’ll pay a severe price for it.

The fact is, should ANY version of “Card Check” pass, it would:

*** Force millions of additional working Americans to pay union dues under the threat of losing their jobs, filling Big Labor’s coffers with hundreds of millions of forced-dues dollars;

*** Dramatically increase the wasteful work rules, hate-the-boss propaganda, slowdowns and bitter strikes that shut down businesses and destroy jobs, ensuring that even more plants are closed and more jobs are shipped overseas or lost forever;

*** Enable Big Labor to pump even more campaign cash into the coffers of its radical, tax-and-spend politicians like Barack Obama and Harry Reid, who, in turn, will look for even greater ways to increase the union bosses’ forced-dues empire.

So please, click here to send a petition to Jim Webb and Mark Warner demanding they vote against Card Check Forced Unionism.

And, if you can, please make your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or $35 to help with this program.

Big Labor would love nothing more than to ram their radical “Card Check” scheme into law by the end of the year.

So, we MUST act now. Let’s use the powerful message delivered by Virginians on Tuesday to show Senators Warner and Webb that support for forced unionism comes with a heavy, heavy price.

So please, sign this petition.  


Mark Mix

P.S. Forced-unionism supporters went down in flames in this past Tuesday’s elections in Virginia.

So today, our job is to make sure Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb know there will be a heavy price to pay should they support ANY VERSION of Big Labor’s “Card Check” Bill.