Supreme Court Ruling: West Virginia’s Paycheck Protection Law to Remain in Effect

West Virginia’s Paycheck Protection law states that employees must provide written consent to allow union officers to take money from workers’ paychecks and put it toward political donations. Union officials want to overturn this law and they are attempting to takeaway this right from workers.

The Supreme Court stopped this and overturned a lower court’s injunction. West Virginia’s Paycheck Protection law will remain in place, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling protecting employees’ First Amendment rights.

In The Center Square, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix is quoted on the matter:

“West Virginia’s Paycheck Protection law properly takes the government out of the union dues collection business, and in the process helps ensure that no union payments are taken from public employees in violation of their First Amendment rights recognized in Janus,” Foundation President Mark Mix said in a statement.

“The Supreme Court of Appeals made the right decision by reversing the Circuit Court’s injunction which was issued under the outrageous premise that union bosses have a legal right to use taxpayer-funded government payroll systems to divert workers’ money into union coffers.”


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