These Companies are Investing In Right to Work Utah

Four companies that are investing in Utah include Denali Therapeutics, CaptiveAire Systems, Plastic Ingenuity, and Scorpion. Denali Therapeutics, Plastic Ingenuity, and Scorpion are all adding new locations while CaptiveAire is expanding.

Denali Therapeutics will be adding a new location in Salt Lake City while Plastic Ingenuity is locating to Tooele. As for Scorpion, the exact location has not yet been disclosed. Meanwhile, CaptiveAire is expanding in St. George.

Altogether, these four businesses will create 1,253 new jobs across this Right to Work State. So this is good news for these areas! Read on to find out what people are saying about each individual investment.

Denali Therapeutics:

“With patience, seeds can sprout. Denali Therapeutics is a high-growth life sciences company that evaluated several western U.S. metropolitan areas before selecting Salt Lake City for an expansion. […] Utah first got on their radar thanks to a proactive GOED/EDCUtah visit to their Bay Area offices in February 2018. We nurtured the connection since then. This is a win for the Global Strategy & Outreach effort.”


CaptiveAire Systems:

“We’re thrilled to welcome CaptiveAire, the nation’s largest commercial kitchen ventilation system manufacturer, to the heart of downtown St. George. […] The decision of CaptiveAire to expand its engineering operations in Washington County is evidence that we are quickly becoming a top choice for companies looking for a highly skilled workforce and a great quality of life.”


Plastic Ingenuity:

“Plastic Ingenuity has been searching for the right location to accelerate our growth for quite some time, and we believe we have found the ideal match in Tooele, Utah. […] Tooele stood out as having the right combination of access to a well-trained employee base, strong public education system, and a business-friendly environment. We appreciate the help the city of Tooele and the Governor’s office have provided in bringing Plastic Ingenuity to Utah.”



“Scorpion chose Utah based on the state’s personal and family lifestyles as well as its fast-growing technology environment. […] We’re excited Scorpion has decided to grow in Utah, and we’re pleased to help bring new high-paying jobs to the state.”


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