What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Arkansas?

Three companies are investing in Right to Work Arkansas. These include Drax Group, CoorsTek, and Tyson Foods. Drax Group is adding a new location in Leola. Meanwhile, both CoorsTek and Tyson Foods are expanding current Arkansas locations. CoorsTek will be in Benton while Tyson will be in Pine Bluff. Altogether, these investments will total $97 million toward the state’s economy. In addition, they will also create 150 new jobs across the state. So these will be great for the economy!

Read on to learn more about each individual investment.

Drax Group:

Drax Group is adding three new locations in Right to Work Leola, Arkansas with a $40 million investment. This will create 30 new jobs!

“Drax is bringing jobs and opportunities to rural communities in Arkansas, boosting the state’s post-COVID economic recovery. […] By using sustainable biomass, we have displaced coal-fired power generation, reduced carbon emissions and provided renewable electricity for millions of homes and businesses in the UK.” […]

“Each of these three Arkansas communities will be uniquely impacted by today’s announcement. […] Families in different regions across the state will experience new opportunities and their communities will experience continued growth because of Drax’s investment. I congratulate Drax on this exciting news and look forward to the ways that Arkansas will be influential in accomplishing the company’s mission to provide renewable electricity for millions of homes and businesses.”



CoorsTek is investing $9 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Benton, Arkansas. This will create 50 new jobs for the area!

“It’s been two years since CoorsTek broke ground for a $26 million expansion in Benton, which the company completed last year. […] Here they are again, creating more jobs and further polishing Arkansas’ reputation in the defense and aerospace markets. If I hear of a CEO who wonders whether Arkansas is a good place to do business, I’ll recommend a visit to CoorsTek.” […]

“CoorsTek has been a valued business partner in Benton for over 40 years. […] They are a great example of the type of advanced manufacturing company we want here in Arkansas, bringing higher paying jobs and investing in our communities.”


Tyson Foods:

Tyson Foods is investing $48 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This will create 70 new jobs!

“Tyson Foods is a homegrown company that has forever altered the economic landscape in Arkansas.” […]

“Poultry production is responsible for about 25 percent of the agriculture jobs in Arkansas, making the state one of the top five broiler producer states in the country. This expansion is a direct reflection of Tyson’s commitment to the Pine Bluff community and the confidence they have in our workforce.” […]

“Tyson Foods has been an economic driver for many years in Jefferson County. […] We are excited about their upcoming expansion and have enjoyed working with their team to support this project.”


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