What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Louisiana?

Companies investing soon in Right to Work Louisiana include Bercen and Aviation Exteriors (AvEx), as well as BASF. Read on in order to learn more!


Bercen is investing $17.5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Denham Springs, Louisiana. This will also create 55 new jobs!

“Louisiana’s support of manufacturing businesses like ours makes it a desirable place to invest. […] The local leadership in Livingston Parish has given more than 60 years of continuous support to the site. The chemical manufacturing industry relies on Louisiana just as Bercen relies on the skilled workforce and local collegiate talent from the region.” […]

“Time and again, companies are reinvesting in Louisiana manufacturing facilities, proving that our state has the workforce, business climate and transportation logistics for these critical supply-chain companies to thrive. […] Bercen’s commitment to retain existing jobs and add good-paying jobs at its Denham Springs facility is a credit to the skilled advanced manufacturing workforce in Livingston Parish. We appreciate the company’s recognition of our state’s business advantages and look forward to the economic activity this investment will stimulate in the Capital Region.” […]

“We are pleased that Bercen has made the decision to expand their Livingston Parish operation with a significant capital investment and commitment to bring more high-paying jobs to the local community. […] In a time when many businesses are struggling, it’s nice to celebrate a company that is willing and able to make the necessary investment to capture a new market opportunity.”


Aviation Exteriors (AvEx):

Aviation Exteriors Louisiana (AvEx) is investing $2.5 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work New Iberia, Louisiana. This will also create 100 new jobs!

“I’m excited to have chosen New Iberia, Louisiana, and AvEx to fill a void in today’s market to provide world-class service to our loyal aviation customers and the industry. […] After a thorough search of the Southeast U.S., I was impressed with both the local and state enthusiasm for our company’s mission and the AvEx 32-year history of operations. The company’s culture and operations coupled with the support of local agencies and the state are a definite recipe for success and align with our customers’ values and long-term needs.” […]

“This project represents a significant advancement of Iberia Parish’s continuing efforts to diversify its economy. […] Acadiana Regional Airport is a vital asset for the area, and as Iberia Parish grows its aviation industry, it attracts more quality jobs for the parish’s skilled workforce. We welcome this expansion as AvEx positions itself for continued growth and greater success.” […]

“One Acadiana congratulates Aviation Exteriors, and our partners at Iberia Industrial Development Foundation, on this milestone. […] For three decades, AvEx has continued to innovate and exceed the expectations of customers like American Airlines, Air Canada and FedEx, among other global organizations – while located at the Acadiana Regional Airport, an incredible asset to our region. We celebrate the growth of this internationally recognized operation as AvEx’s expansion also speaks to the manufacturing excellence and strong workforce found and trained in South Louisiana.”



BASF is investing $780 million in order to double its capacity in Right to Work Geismer, Louisiana. This will also create 37 new jobs!

“Thanks to our strategic location and infrastructure, access to competitive raw materials, highly-skilled workforce and strong government support, BASF has now invested more than $2 billion in new projects and improvements at the Geismar site since 2009. […] This continued investment demonstrates our commitment to our employees, our community and our presence in Louisiana which is more than 60 years strong.” […]

“BASF is one of the largest chemical companies in the world, and this substantial reinvestment in its Geismar complex speaks volumes about the strength of Louisiana’s advanced manufacturing sector. […] By increasing production of a material vital to the creation of energy-efficient products, BASF has positioned our state as an important contributor to the global sustainability supply chain. That is a win for workers and their families in the Capital Region, and for the state’s economy as a whole.” […]

“We are fortunate to have BASF in the Capital Region and it’s very positive to see them continue to invest in Louisiana for production of more sustainable products. […] The company’s expansion capitalizes on the region’s skilled workforce and strong supply chain.” […]

“BASF continues to demonstrate its commitment to community by operating responsibly, hiring locally and donating time and resources to local programs and organizations. […] The company’s commitment to sustainability and reliability in product line investments mirrors its efforts in community advancement.”


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