What Companies are Investing in Right to Work North Carolina?

Here are four companies that are investing in Right to Work North Carolina: Fujifilm, Syngenta, Arrival, and Biogen. Fujifilm and Arrival are both adding new locations here. Fujifilm will be located in Holly Springs while Arrival will be in Charlotte. Meanwhile, Syngenta and Biogen will be expanding current facilities. Syngenta will soon be turning its current Greensboro location into headquarters. Meanwhile, Biogen will be expanding in Research Triangle Park. Altogether, these investments will create over a thousand new jobs. So this is good news for the job market!

Read on so you can find out what people are saying about these investments!


“Holly Springs, North Carolina was selected for its strong pool of technical talent, local resources and partners with the right competencies, clean energy resources, and sustainability for future growth. With an existing facility in Morrisville, North Carolina, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies [commits] to continue its strong collaboration with state and local officials, which has been built over the years.”



“The Syngenta family in Greensboro has been part of the fabric of this community for many decades, and it’s our goal to remain so for many years to come. […] Our new facilities will enable us to have our Greensboro colleagues on this campus working together in modern, efficient facilities, enabling better collaboration and focus to meet our customers’ needs.” […]

“Syngenta’s decision to keep its North America headquarters in North Carolina is a testament to the company’s success in our state and underscores their confidence in our dynamic workforce for the next phase of growth.” […]



“Arrival’s continued expansion in the Charlotte Region is a testament to our existing strengths in manufacturing[…]. Arrival’s reimagining of transportation will benefit our entire region, and the company’s multifaceted growth here is a model for how the City, County and surrounding counties can deliver on what businesses need to succeed. Together, we are building a better future for us all.”



“North Carolina’s diverse and highly-skilled workforce continues to make NC a[n ideal] destination[…]. Biogen represents the caliber of high-impact, innovative companies our state must continue to attract and support to secure good jobs for a strong economy. […] Not only are they focused on improving people’s lives with breakthrough, best in-class therapies, but as a former Biogen executive, I can attest to their commitment to serve our communities and contribute to a sustainable, equitable economy.”


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