What Companies are Investing in Right to Work South Carolina?

Three companies that are investing in Right to Work South Carolina include Kerns Trucking, Siemens, and BASF Corporation.

In fact, Kerns Trucking will be relocating headquarters in Cherokee County. Meanwhile, Siemens will be expanding in Roebuck. And lastly, BASF Corporation has just finished an expansion in Seneca.

Altogether, these three companies will create a total of 366 new jobs! Read on to find out more about each business’s investment!

Kerns Trucking:

Kerns Trucking is locating headquarters in Right to Work Cherokee County, South Carolina with a $7.9 million investment. This will create 136 new jobs!

“We would like to thank Cherokee County and the state of South Carolina for their partnership in our current and future success. Kerns Trucking, Inc. plans to invest in Cherokee County with the same professionalism and enthusiasm that has been shown to us. We look forward to growing together in this corporate expansion with South Carolina, Cherokee County and its citizens for many years to come.” […]

“Kerns Trucking, Inc.’s decision to locate in Cherokee County is another sign that companies realize South Carolina has a business-friendly climate that will help them succeed. We congratulate Kerns Trucking, Inc. on this announcement and look forward to supporting their growth for years to come.” 



Siemens just completed an expansion in Right to Work Roebuck, South Carolina with a $36 million investment. This will create over 180 new jobs!

“Siemens’ critical infrastructure technologies, manufactured by the skilled workforce here in Spartanburg, are supporting the industries that form the backbone of America’s economy. As this economy rebounds, and the need for innovative infrastructure grows, our expanded Spartanburg facility will play a vital role in ensuring our customers and America’s supply chain remains strong, just as it has throughout the pandemic.” […]

“Siemens is an important part of our South Carolina community and their growth is a reason to celebrate. We congratulate them on their latest expansion and look forward to their continued success.” […]

“Foreign direct investment continues to be a crucial component of our economic development success. Today, we celebrate Siemens’ decision to expand its operations in South Carolina. We look forward to this extraordinary partnership for many years to come.” 


BASF Corporation:

BASF Corporation is expanding in Right to Work Seneca, South Carolina, where they will create 50 new jobs for those in Oconee County.

“As we expand our capacity to recycle and refine spent catalysts, BASF Corporation in Seneca is proud to further invest in South Carolina and in the Oconee area. We offer among the highest starting pay in the area, and we look forward to hiring new members to our BASF team.” […]

“The Palmetto State continues to build on its success in the manufacturing sector, and BASF Corporation’s decision to expand in our state will provide yet another boost. Today’s announcement is further testament that South Carolina’s business-friendly climate is perfect for businesses to succeed.” 


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