What Companies are Investing in Right to Work South Carolina?

Companies that are investing soon in the state of South Carolina include Generac Power Systems, QuaLex Manufacturing, Lonza, and United Community Bank.

Generac Power Systems will be adding a new location in Trenton, while United Community Bank is adding headquarters in Greeneville. In addition, QuaLex Manufacturing is expanding in Ridgeway and Lonza is expanding in Greenwood County.

Altogether, these four companies will create 767 new jobs across the state. So this is great news for South Carolina’s economy! Read on to find out more about these investments.

Generac Power Systems:

“We’re proud to welcome Generac to the South Carolina business community and look forward to seeing all that we know they will achieve in Edgefield County. […] With a workforce at its disposal that is second to none and one of the most competitive business environments in the world, we know that Generac will have the tools necessary for success.”


United Community Bank:

“[ United Community Bank is] pleased to establish a permanent, long-term presence in Greenville as part of our growth strategy.” […]

“With United Community Bank expanding in Greenville County and selecting the location to be the company’s new corporate headquarters, we celebrate another big win for the state and local community. We look forward to watching their continued growth in our community for years to come.”


QuaLex Manufacturing:

“South Carolina’s world-class workforce and pro-business environment continue to promote the growth of businesses in all corners of our state, and today we celebrate QuaLex Manufacturing, LLC’s decision to expand their operations in Fairfield County.”



“South Carolina’s life sciences industry is one that presents significant growth opportunities within our borders, and today’s announcement by Lonza is proof of that. We congratulate this great longtime business partner on their latest expansion and wish them much success in the Greenwood community.”


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