What Do Anchor Packaging, Owens Corning, and Dansons Have in Common?

Anchor Packaging, Owens Corning, and Dansons USA are all investing in Right to Work Arkansas!

Anchor Packaging will be expanding in Paragould while Owens Corning will be expanding in Fort Smith. Meanwhile, Dansons USA plans to open the biggest BBQ pellet mill in America in Hope, Arkansas. Altogether, these three companies will create between 100 and 150 new jobs across the state. So this is a great addition to Arkansas’s economy!

Anchor Packaging:

“Anchor’s packaging is just one more way Arkansas touches lives all over the United States. […] Most Americans probably don’t know they take their take-out restaurant food home in a container made in the Natural State. Since 1987 […] the company has been a world-class member of our business community. Anchor’s decision to expand in Paragould gives us another opportunity to spread the news that Arkansas’s workforce is first-rate, our business climate is second to none, and Arkansas businesses make life better for millions of people.”


Owens Corning:

“The Owens Corning expansion is a perfect example of the partnership between the Arkansas Department of Commerce, Chamber and the City of Fort Smith and how we work together toward one unified goal. […] The focus with this project was economic development and job retention/creation. Owens Corning has a great reputation in the region and having them recognize our resources and top-notch workforce is one of the strongest endorsements possible.”


Dansons USA:

“We are blessed to be able to expand our operation and open our new pellet mill location in Hope, Arkansas. […] The state of Arkansas has been the most welcoming, most friendly and most encouraging location we’ve ever done business in. The Arkansas Economic Development Commission, from the town, county and state level, has welcomed us with open arms from the onset of this project. As a family-owned business, the personal touches that have come from Governor Hutchinson and Secretary Preston’s offices, as well as those from Jack Thomas and Steve Harris with the state and local EDC, have meant a lot to us. We believe in relationships and people and we really like the people we are working with.”


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