What Do GIM Inc and Doral Renewables Have in Common?

GIM Inc and Doral Renewables are both investing in Right to Work Indiana! In fact, Doral Renewables is currently in Phase 2 of its $1.2 billion plan. Read on in order to learn more!

GIM Inc:

GIM Inc is investing $18.47 million in order to establish operations in Right to Work Scottsburg, Indiana. They will also create 135 new jobs!

“This is an important strategic investment for GIM Inc. […] We are launching entry into a market to meet the increased demand for environmentally sound, time-saving solutions for infrastructure in the United States and beyond. The state of Indiana, the city of Scottsburg and One Southern Indiana have been fantastic partners, working hard to make this process a smooth one as we are choosing southern Indiana for our manufacturing footprint.” […]

“Indiana’s manufacturing industry continues to lead, advancing new technologies and innovations, another example of Indiana’s strong advanced manufacturing leadership and supportive business climate. […] GIM Inc.’s SPS solutions offer a more sustainable solution for our world’s building and infrastructure needs, ensuring that our future is safe and environmentally friendly. We look forward to welcoming the company to Indiana and our robust manufacturing sector.”


Doral Renewables:

Doral Renewables is in Phase 2 of their $1.2 billion investment plan toward renewable energy in Right to Work Pulaski County, Indiana.

“Solar farming is part of a wave of jobs and prosperity sweeping through rural America and every resident of the county will benefit. […] It will deliver $40 million to Pulaski County over 20 years. Property taxes will be reduced for landowners at time when other counties are raising taxes. Mammoth in Pulaski will contribute approximately $400 million in payroll to the local area workforce.” […]

“Indiana continues to make strides in transitioning to more sustainable, clean energy because of innovators and investors like Doral Renewables. […] This impressive solar farm project will help serve residential and commercial customers in northwest Indiana and across the Midwest region, fueling our next-gen industries that are building the economy of the future.”


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