What Do Robinhood Markets and Raybow US Have in Common?

They’re both investing in Right to Work North Carolina! Robinhood Markets will soon be adding a new location in Charlotte with an $11.7 million investment. Meanwhile, Raybow is investing $15.8 million in order to add a new location in Brevard. In addition, Robinhood alone will create over 400 new jobs, and Raybow will create 74 new jobs. So both of these companies will be great additions to this Right to Work economy!

Read on so you can see what’s being said of each investment!

Robinhood Markets:

“We welcome Robinhood’s new jobs and investment to North Carolina. […] This expansion is evidence that our exceptional pipeline […] talent, along with our budding entrepreneurial landscape, will continue to attract the fintech industry and grow our innovation economy.” […]

“With this announcement by Robinhood, Charlotte further cements itself as a leading city for the ever-growing fintech industry. Our city’s strong concentration of talent creates an ideal pool for companies who are looking for innovative and skilled workers. […] We’re excited for the new career opportunities that Robinhood’s jobs will provide for our community.”


Raybow US:

“Raybow Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce that, a year since we acquired the Brevard site, we are ready to further increase our commitment in North Carolina. We are grateful for the warm welcome we have received and the continued support we experienced during the feasibility studies for this expansion. Transylvania County has proven to be the right choice for our North American headquarters and R&D operations and we very much look forward to the continued journey with the people of North Carolina.”


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