More Economic Wins for Right to Work Kentucky

In case you’re on the fence about whether being able to choose whether to join a union is important for economic advancement, just look at states such as Kentucky. Being a Right to Work state, Kentucky provides economic benefits to businesses that they simply can’t get in Forced Unionism states. And that means they have the ability to grow and create new jobs and opportunities for everyone. Here we have four great examples. STOBER Drives and Skilcraft, as well as Bluegrass Supply Chain Services and LOTTE Aluminum are all making investments in Right to Work Kentucky.

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STOBER Drives:

STOBER Drives is investing $5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Maysville, Kentucky. This will also create 35 new jobs!

“At STOBER, we are extremely fortunate to have chosen Maysville, Kentucky, as our North American manufacturing location more than 30 years ago. […] We have benefitted from an awesome workforce here in Maysville, as well as great support from local and state government.” […]

“Kentucky has created an environment that supports businesses looking to expand their manufacturing operations, and once again, we’re reaping the benefits in investment and great jobs. […] STOBER Drives Inc. is a great company producing high-quality products right here in the commonwealth for customers all over the world. I want to thank STOBER leadership for their continued belief in Kentucky and all it has to offer, and I look forward to the company’s continued success.” […]

“STOBER Drives is truly an outstanding and forward-thinking company here in Maysville. STOBER’s success rests in their workforce practices. They can continue to grow and thrive at rates unprecedented due to their understanding of human motivation. […] They are very purposeful in people management for the greatest long-term return on investment for everyone. I am personally excited for this to be my first official expansion announcement since accepting the role of executive director of MMCIDA, and it is a proud moment for all of us. Working with the STOBER team continues to be a joy, and I look forward to their future expansions and innovations. This is just one of many milestones to come for STOBER and Maysville.”



Skilcraft is investing $8.4 million in order to expand in Right to Work Boone County, Kentucky. This will also create 14 new jobs!

“Skilcraft employees have built a reputation for 57 years of creating innovative solutions for our customers. […] Today, we’re proud to work with world-changing innovators in the space, aviation and green energy industries. We are enthusiastic about our growth and the careers that will be created for our friends and neighbors in Northern Kentucky.” […]

“Skilcraft is part of a thriving advanced manufacturing community in Northern Kentucky. […] We’re glad they are expanding their capacity at their Hebron operation to increase production and service for the many industrial markets they serve.”


Bluegrass Supply Chain Services:

Bluegrass Supply Chain Services is investing $25 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Warren County, Kentucky, creating 110 new jobs!

“I want to thank the leaders at Bluegrass Supply Chain Services for growing the company’s presence in Bowling Green and continuing to serve key industries in the commonwealth. […] This investment highlights the continued growth of existing businesses in our state, which play an integral role in building a brighter future for Kentuckians.” […]

“Bluegrass Supply Chain Services provides a valuable service to many businesses and organizations across the South Central Kentucky region and beyond. […] We commend them for their accomplishments and are thankful for the positive impact this will have on our community. We look forward to many more years of success.”


LOTTE Aluminum Materials:

LOTTE Aluminum Materials is investing $238.7 million toward a new location in Right to Work Elizabethtown, Kentucky, creating 122 new jobs!

“I want to welcome LOTTE to Kentucky as we continue to see significant investment from EV-related businesses across the state. […] Further growth of this sector will require attraction of a broad range of suppliers, and this announcement by LOTTE signifies just that. We are building an ecosystem that will last for generlotteations to come, and I am happy to announce this company will be a very important part of that vision.”


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