Right to Work North Carolina Supports Economic Growth

Here are four businesses that will soon be investing in the state of North Carolina. They include Intercontinental Capital Group and American Fuji Seal, as well as Taysha Gene Therapies and Low Impact Technologies. Some of these investments will be expansions on current facilities, while others will be new buildings coming to call North Carolina their new home. Altogether, these businesses will create 860 new jobs across the state. So this goes to show, once again, the successes that Right to Work states see all the time. Read on to find out more!

Intercontinental Capital Group:

“Growing companies like Intercontinental Capital Group choose North Carolina for their expansion plans because of our tech-ready workforce and strong leadership, even during a global pandemic.” […]

“The significant expansion by this innovative name in mortgage lending shows that North Carolina remains an international leader in financial services. […] ICG provides valuable financial tools for U.S. consumers[. T]the Charlotte Region will be a key component of its continued success.”


American Fuji Seal:

“Today’s announcement underscores how confident global companies are in North Carolina and its workforce, even during a global pandemic. […] Companies like American Fuji Seal could start a new operation anywhere in the world, but they chose Catawba County because of our state’s proven track record of meeting the fast-changing needs of global industry.”


Taysha Gene Therapies:

“The pandemic has highlighted the importance of science and innovation to keep us healthy. […] Companies like Taysha Gene Therapies continue to expand in North Carolina because we have the scientists, skilled workers and climate for innovation they need to tackle health care’s toughest challenges.”


Low Impact Technologies:

“LIT is eager to deploy this technology. Henderson County and the Town of Fletcher have been exceptional partners so far in assisting with our location process. […] We’re fortunate to have committed public partners and look forward to a long relationship together.”


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